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These demos show the Quantel user interface in action but via the web we can only give you a flavour of the speed and great ergonomics of a Quantel system. If you want to see more please contact us to arrange a demo or with any questions or comments.

Graphics Templating

Graphics Templating lets everyone, not only designers, create eye-catching graphics. See how easy it is to template a graphic in this overview demo.

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sQ View editing

sQ View is the desktop editor that everyone can use. Its simple, clean interface can be learnt in minutes. With sQ View anyone can review, choose and edit video right from their desktop.

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Only from Quantel

Resolution Co-existence

Resolution Co-existence is the perfect technology for today's multi-resolution content creation and delivery world. Resolution Co-existence saves you time and disk space and helps you deliver the best possible quality. It all makes for a profitable way to work.

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Use the shots you want, make a better story

Quick fix tools

The quick fix tools in Quantel's news editors make it fast and easy to repair common video problems helping journalists make a better story

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Close to air, nothing comes close

Paintbox News Graphics

Paintbox is built for making great graphics under close to air pressure. The demo shows how Paintbox creates eye-catching and informative graphics quickly and easily.

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Next generation color correction

Pablo Color Correction

A headline look at the creative color correction possible with Pablo. Also see how Pablo lets you keep your clients happy and the job moving by doing more than ever before in a color session.

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Create great Effects quickly with Quantel

Effects and Compositing

Creating believable or unbelievable effects is a big part of commercials work. The demo shows how high quality complex effects come together quickly with Quantel

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Over 1000

Over 1000

Quantel users are at the forefront of the DI revolution with over 1000 movies benefitting from the Quantel DI process

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Now here.... The 20th anniversary edition of this renowned industry reference book.

The new version has been totally updated to include the convergence between IT and Broadcast technologies as well as covering up and coming disciplines such as Stereoscopic 3D.

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