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The Quantel Usergroup is a peer-to-peer discussion forum to encourage discussions regarding our all generationQ products and to provide a helpful resource to the user community.

Note that the Usergroup is not intended for first line Engineering Support. You need to contact Customer Support if the question/issue involves a request for direct technical assistance.

Registering for the Usergroup
All current generationQ product users are eligible to use the Usergroup. Registration is quick, simple and free. In order to register, you will need to have the serial number of a Quantel generationQ system and the company to whom it belongs. Without it, your application will not be processed.

Freelancers should either ask their current employer for a serial number, or instead of putting a serial number should write the full name of a Quantel employee, who knows them personally and is able to vouch for their status.

Please ensure that you have entered a correct email address, otherwise you will not receive your login name and password.

The validation of the registration is done manually, thus there may be a delay in the issuing of a username and password due to time zone differences.

To register, please click on the button below:

Logging into the Usergroup
Already registered? Log-in using the button below:

Website/Usergroup Support
Quantel manage an extensive suite of online resources & information. If you experience any difficulties whilst using our services, including login or registration problems, please contact us via email: web.accounts@quantel.com.


Over 1000

Over 1000

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