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Compass Training

A new direction for training
Quantel TrainingAt Quantel we know that having the right tools is just half the job, having people that can use the tools to their maximum is just as important. And that's where Compass comes in.

Compass is an all new training program designed to make sure you get the best out of your investment in Quantel systems. Compass provides fully accredited operational and engineering training for your in-house staff and there's a Compass program for freelancers too (click here to register).

Compass can provide everything from structured in-house training to learn-at-your-own-pace web-based teaching. Compass training packages address the needs of operational and engineering staff and customer packages can be matched to your exact training needs.

Compass is great training and is a great investment, here’s why:

  • Highly structured programme with a defined training progression path
  • Accreditation at every level – from Associate to Expert
  • Use of cutting-edge technologies such as web-based tuition frees learning from the classroom
  • Free Quantel Compass training software to learn and practice your editing and effects skills
  • Qualify for QCare discounts with Compass accredited engineers
  • Better trained people equals more creative, more productive people.
There are four main Compass Programs
  • Compass Operational provides training for creatives on editing, effects and workflows
  • Compass Engineering provides training for all levels of engineering support
  • Compass 360 provides system training solutions.
  • Compass Worldwide provides accredited training for freelancers
These are detailed on the corresponding web pages.

Booking Training
For additional information about Compass Training and the availability of training courses can be seen by selecting the training course that you require from the Operational, Engineering or Freelancer pages or by contacting our Training Co-ordinator: training@quantel.com

Over 1000

Over 1000

Quantel users are at the forefront of the DI revolution with over 1000 movies benefitting from the Quantel DI process

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Now here.... The 20th anniversary edition of this renowned industry reference book.

The new version has been totally updated to include the convergence between IT and Broadcast technologies as well as covering up and coming disciplines such as Stereoscopic 3D.

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