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Arnaud Laroche appointed Systems Consultant of the Broadcast Presales Group

A seasoned professional to manage the technical bid process for server-based systems sales

Quantel is delighted to announce the appointment of Arnaud Laroche to the position of Systems Consultant of the Quantel Broadcast Presales Group. Based at the company's Head Office in Newbury, England, he will be in charge of managing the technical bid process for server-based systems sales, working with the Broadcast Presales Group to define and develop an appropriate strategy for winning major systems contracts, in consultation with Sales Management. He will work closely with Dr. Samy Keghida, Quantel Vice President of Sales for Southern Europe, the Middle-East and Africa (SEMEA) to develop sales in those areas.

Arnaud, a French national, is 39 years old. Before joining Quantel, he was a Business Analyst and Technical Sales Consultant at Harris Software Systems in London, working on content management solutions and in charge of pre-sales support and the design of systems architecture and integration for newsroom bids. Previously, he worked for Question d’Image, a media asset management software start-up in Boulogne-Billancourt, the city just West of Paris where Quantel France is based. He was in charge of sales, services and business development for media management products, heading up projects and handling key accounts for major media and events companies, including Arte, Eurosport, the French Tennis Federation and Radio France.

“I've known Arnaud for several years,” said Samy Keghida, Vice President of SEMEA, "and I had the pleasure of having him on my staff at Harris Software Systems. I am convinced that he will be a valuable member of our Broadcast Systems Group. He is a technical expert and a team player, skilled in designing, proposing, negotiating and closing major broadcast systems business deals. Having worked on content and asset management solutions for several years, he is capable of analysing customer requirements and workflows, and of producing a strategy to deal with all levels of the account. He's also a seasoned mountain biker, so I'm sure he'll take us to the top of our business, whatever the terrain. I'm really thrilled to have him on board.”

“I'm thrilled about working with Quantel,” declared Arnaud, “because for many years now, I've appreciated their product philosophy and their unique approach to the broadcast industry. I've worked mainly on the software side of the business and this is a great opportunity for me to extend my knowledge to the hardware side. There are a lot of talented people in Newbury and I'm looking forward to the learning experience. I also worked a lot on media asset management and, with Mission, I'm delighted at the prospect of contributing to real workflow solutions. The other great part of the job is that I'll be working in countries I know well –France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland and the Middle East- and I'm keen to work in Africa and Latin America as well. These are exciting times for our business and Quantel is certainly a company with a good grip on the future.”

Created on: 10/07/2008




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